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Audience: KS3/KS4

Subject: Geography

Topic: Flooding, Nature, Disaster, Effects, Environment, Society, Delta, LEDC

Question: Why is Saied struggling to pay his house insurance?

Author: Paul Lawrence





This mystery surrounds Saied, a 31 year old farmer who lives on the Ganges Delta in Bangladesh. Saied is trying to work on the fertile lands of the delta and bring up his young family but is struggling to pay his house insurance.

The main aim of the mystery is to identify the main causes of river flooding in Bangladesh. Both physical/environmental causes are identified as well as human change of the natural environment.

There are 31 slips of information provided in this task on the highest difficulty level. On Medium, there are 28 and on Easy, there are 24. As well as a different amount of information provided, the difficulty levels also mean that more or fewer hints are included too.

• Identify the difference between cause and effect
• Understand the differences between a human and physical cause
• Explain the causes of river flooding in Bangladesh using key terminology
• Consider why people choose to live on the delta
• Consider the options available to the people and government to protect from the impacts of flooding

The mystery can be used by 11-14 year olds to identify the causes and effects of flooding as well as being developed as a case study of flooding in a Less Economically Developed Country (LEDC) for 14-16 year olds.